Both Mickey and Sean follow the same trajectory of a great American trope…the outsider coming in from the cold, the prodigal son. Although it appears that Sean is more desperate to be accepted than Mickey purely through his more normative sanity. Oh to be loved, to be accepted, the Oscar statue representing ‘Capital’ at its most liminally alluring, (ergo as its liberal homo loving commie other; a great transformative trick, worthy of Raven herself) but an alluring dream whose open guilty secret is greed and vanity, captures the hearts of so many. Despite the lessons of history our ability to tout the notoriety of our own hubris knows no bounds. As for the little eight year old girl holding a shampoo bottle infront of the bathroom mirror, or tales of Tigger told to small children, on this I shall be silent. Go Mickey go. In a world where Robert Downey Jr has himself come in from the cold, may the true one eyed king for ever remain on the heath….

Originally posted as a comment by bindlestiff on The Film Talk using Disqus.


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